Wineo Vinyl 400 wood

wineo 400 wood - design floors with the luxurious look

The design floors of the wineo series 400 wood made of vinyl set the scene for your interior in a luxurious way, whether in the living area or in a commercial ambience. The floors are extremely hard-wearing, moisture-proof, easy to maintain and simply beautiful.

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Vinyl floors from the wineo 400 wood series - extremely natural and deceptively real

Numerous decor variants make it easy for you to choose the right floor covering to transform your home into a spacious living paradise. The design floors with their decors inspired by nature and the deceptively real-looking wood or stone structures are optical highlights. Choose between modern, exotic or noble designs. The series offers decors for every ambience.

wineo series 400 wood - quiet, easy on the joints and wonderfully warm to the feet

Despite the robust and hard-wearing surface, which can withstand even the toughest demands, the wineo 400 wood design floors are a real treat for your feet, even barefoot and in the cold season. They are pleasantly warm to the feet and the perfect choice if you live in a household with small children. The elastic surface acts gently on the joints.

Running, racing, romping - and no neighbour will complain

The special surface sealing reduces noise such as running and raving. A further plus that should not be underestimated: they are very easy to clean. Speaking of children: The special surface sealing reduces noise such as running, running and romping.

Compact and durable due to glass fibre reinforcement

The design floors of the 400 Wood series owe their authentic appearance to the protective PU coating of the surfaces. This means that the decorative films under the 0.3 mm thick wear layer cannot be damaged. The one hundred percent vinyl base layer with glass fibre reinforcement ensures dimensional stability and durability of the compact floor. These floors are perfect for any living area, but also for heavily used commercial premises or hotel rooms.

Easy installation with the Connect locking system

With the uncomplicated Connect locking system, even laymen can easily handle it. You can also easily install the floors in your kitchen, bathroom and on hot water underfloor heating systems. By laying a uniform floor in all rooms, a feeling of generous spaciousness is created, which is further enhanced by the authentic effect of the naturally structured surfaces.

High quality and innovative technology - a wineo trademark

The Windmöller company stands for future-oriented solutions and implements innovations in a customer-friendly manner. Quality and modernity go hand in hand at Windmöller. Like all products, the wineo 400 wood series is subject to the strictest quality criteria. Let yourself be inspired by the quality of a wineo design floor!