Wineo Vinyl 600 stone

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Wineo 600 Stone to glue and click

Are you looking for a trendy, robust floor for your living room, kitchen or bathroom? Wineo brand floors stand for high quality and modern appearance. Design your rooms in style with a feel-good atmosphere.

All floors in this product range are available both for gluing and clicking. Depending on your visual taste, you can choose between four clear, lifelike designs.

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Design variants

The wineo 600 stone series is available in Polar Travertine, Lava Grey, Lava Black and Silver Slate. All are available in a version for gluing and in a version for clicking. Even large floor areas appear natural and noble due to the sand structure.

The shelves for gluing have an installation height of only 2 mm. This makes their use possible almost everywhere. Especially for renovations the low height is a big advantage. But of course this version is also the perfect solution for large surfaces.

The product thickness of the floors for clicking is 5 mm. Click vinyl floors can be laid quickly and cleanly by yourself. A cutter knife is sufficient for cutting to size.

The wear layer is 0.4 mm for all floor variants. This vinyl wear layer repels dirt and stains. It also protects the underlying decorative layer.

The features at a glance

The design floors of this product range have a sand structure as a surface. The flexible floor covering in stone optics does not contain any softeners that are harmful to health. It reliably dampens running noises and is

  • easy to install
  • hard-wearing
  • warm to the feet
  • easy to clean
  • suitable for humid rooms and
  • available in two designs with Real joint for a deceptively real tile look
Fields of application

The floor coverings of the Wineo 600 Stone design series give even large rooms a chic ambience to feel good in. They are very robust. With service class 23, they are suitable for private areas with high usage. In the commercial sector, they are classified in service class 32 for medium use. Even in the bathroom or kitchen you do not have to do without a noble design floor. All coverings are well suited for damp rooms.

The design floors hardly differ visually from a real stone tile. Let your creativity run free with the floor design.