Wineo Vinyl flooring 600

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Wineo Vinyl 600: designed stone and wood optics with the esprit of modern naturalness

In terms of variety, the design floors of the brand manufacturer WINEO® of the 600 series leave nothing to be desired. The high-quality decor variety conveys the esprit of modern naturalness in every room and also has features that make every interior an all-round experience of well-being. As is well known, this starts with the design and is completed with correspondingly high-quality functionality. A room is therefore more than just the expression of visual delights, but also underlines the style and attitude to life of its respective owners. The modern room of today offers many possibilities for this purpose, which are highly refined by the quality of the flooring.

Visual enjoyment at the highest level

Stone is erosion of mineral textures chiselled into stone, which are unparalleled. Crystalline structure formed by temperature and pressure, whose variety of colours gives it a unique and original character. In contrast, wood, due to its natural growth, has grains of various shapes and fibre lengths. These two different natural raw materials are brought to perfection through realistic reproductions in the series:
Wineo Vinyl 600 Wood and Wood XL based on wood and as a stone decor in the form of the series Wineo Vinyl 600 Stone and Stone XL.

Decisively responsible for these two designs within a natural decor are the different sizes of the 1-strip plank Connect and the 2-strip ship's floor within the wood range as well as the tile decor within the stone look. Will the design of the series:
Wineo 600 Wood

Supported by an 18/120 cm form size, the appearance of the Wood XL series uses a plank format of no less than 24/150 cm. The jointless adhesive laying technique without joint chamfer for both sizes of the range promises visual enjoyment due to the low noise level of the footfall sound. In contrast, the phthalate-free and moisture-proof stone optics of the 600 Stone series are offered in 30/60 cm width and length, or 45/90 cm as 600 Stone XL. The fact that tile decoration is offered both joint-free and with real joint technology only speaks for the variety of shapes offered by this manufacturer.

WINEO© Design for every area of the house

If natural decors promise a natural appearance in every area of the house, WINEO© attaches particular importance to meeting the wishes of the customer by means of high selection. With wood decor, his ideas can be realized with oak, pine and other woods in various colors and shapes. The stone decor, on the other hand, shines with reproductions of lava stone, slate and visual environment related quality.

Booklyn Nights or Navajo gray emphasize artistically outstanding ways of life, which are stylistically appealing. Design floors are thus created in the exciting area of your own living space, which inspire with authenticity and a foot-warm climate, as well as emphasising the health of their owners.