Wineo Vinyl 600 wood

Wineo series 600 wood - for comfortable living

But that is not all. The pleasantly elastic floor coverings in this collection are easy on the joints and cold feet are a thing of the past. The floors are wonderfully warm to the feet even in winter, even if you walk barefoot over them.

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Indestructible thanks to the PU coating - the floors of the Wineo series 600 wood

Despite all the comforts, the surfaces of the design floors are surprisingly robust and hard-wearing, yet slip-resistant and easy to clean. They resist the strongest stresses. This is ensured by the PU coating of the wear layer. This also applies, by the way, to much-frequented commercial premises or the catering trade. Furniture backs and chair castors are not an issue thanks to the great durability of the surfaces.

Wineo 600 wood Vinyl floors with magic effect

Wineo design floors of the 600 wood series are available for gluing or clicking. If you want to lay the floor in large rooms, the adhesive version is the perfect choice. The special processing of the surfaces allows the reproduction of structures that look as authentic as if you had actually laid real wood. Especially in large rooms, these floors unfold their secret magic, spreading elegance and spaciousness.

Gluing or clicking - also in damp rooms and on underfloor heating systems

This Wineo vinyl floor is ideal for laying over underfloor heating, as it has been specially developed for full-surface gluing. This guarantees a low thermal resistance. For the installation of the adhesive flooring it is recommended to consult an experienced specialist. Thanks to the latest technology, the click version of the series can also be laid by laymen without any problems.

Stable and durable - a vinyl floor covering in a class of its own

The floor coverings of the wineo 600 wood series are extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean. This is ensured by the dirt-repellent PU coating layer. At the same time, it protects the underlying decoration applied to the vinyl base layer. The floor gets its outstanding stability from a counter traction. The wineo 600 wood design floors owe their natural and authentic effect to the structure, which gives them a touch of luxury. With a vinyl floor from this high quality series you will bring the highest quality into your home. You won't regret it!