SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Kollektion design floor

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The SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Kollektion design floor combines aesthetics with function. It is offered in two versions, each with four decors. The SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Kollektion editors have taken up the new living trend "living with cork" and combined it with the beauty of a wooden floor and the functionality of a design floor. The result is a robust, durable, easy-care floor that radiates natural beauty. It is available in the wood designs "Pine Quartz", "Spruce", "Oak Terra" (dark oak) and "Oak Sepia" (light oak). These wood reproductions are visually hardly distinguishable from a real wood floor.

The SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Kollektion design floors offer more comfort

The combination of vinyl and cork makes the floors extremely quiet. Cork in particular provides good sound insulation due to its numerous small cells. Furthermore, the cork cells also act as thermal insulators. The floor is therefore always pleasantly warm to the feet. Cork is also compressible and elastic. If the cork cells are compressed, they retain their elasticity. After the pressure is released, they return to their original shape. So there are no permanent impressions on the floor.

These design floors promote health

Due to their elasticity, these floors are extremely healthy for the joints of the users. They are also ideal as floors for children's rooms because they cushion small falls and reduce the risk of injury. These design floors are manufactured without softeners, PVC or PCP. There are therefore no harmful vapours.

The structure of the two versions of the design floor

These design floors are available in the variants "Aqua Komfort" and "Design Natural". The floors of the Aqua Komfort series consist of a waterproof cork core, which is surrounded by two robust vinyl layers. These floors can be laid in all rooms, even in damp rooms. The core of the Design Natural floors is a HDF board (high density fibreboard). On the top side is a robust vinyl layer, on the bottom side an elastic cork layer. They are not suitable for damp rooms.

Properties of the design floor at a glance

  • Dimensions (length x width): 1,220 mm x 185 mm
  • Thickness: 10,5 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg/m²
  • Packaging unit: 8 pieces per package - this results in a surface of 1.806 m²
  • glueless, floating installation
  • Connection of the planks by 2G Corkloc technology
  • robust
  • easy to clean
  • Service class for the living area: NK 23
  • Service class for the commercial sector: NK 31
  • durable
  • Guarantee periods: 10 years for residential use, 5 years for commercial use
  • Suitable for installation over a water-bearing underfloor heating system if the surface temperature does not exceed 27 °C.
  • Thermal resistance: maximum 0.15 m²K/W
  • Impact sound insulation: 18 dB
  • Walking noise reduction: 86 dB

How to protect and maintain these design floors properly

With the right care you will enjoy these floor coverings for a long time. But you should avoid this:

  • Contact of the floor with chemical products, wax or solvents
  • the use of water-intensive, industrial cleaning machines
  • Mats that have a latex or rubber backing. They would cause discoloration on the floor.
  • the use of scouring milk
  • the use of detergents containing solvents, such as acetone
  • the use of wire brushes for cleaning

A distinction is made between basic cleaning, daily cleaning and occasional care of the floor. In all three cases you should only use Wicanders products recommended by the manufacturer. For basic cleaning, use Wicanders Power Strip. It is applied diluted with water and removes stubborn dirt stains and old layers of care or cleaning products. Daily cleaning is done with Wicanders Soft Cleaner, which you simply add to the mopping water. If the floor is heavily loaded, you can apply an additional protective layer with Wicanders Power Polish. You protect the floor additionally and save cleaning work if you use a dirt-trapping mat at the entrance.