Skaben organic floor Pro Climate Glue 40 WOOD / 80 STONE


Are you looking for a home-friendly, durable and fully recyclable bio-floor to glue down? Skaben's Pro Climate Glue series climate floors are warm, durable and, thanks to the material used, exceedingly quiet and easy on the joints. Cork floors from the Pro Climate Gl ue series are sustainable climate protectors and effective energy-saving floors! The renewable raw material c ork from the bark of Portuguese cork oaks is the basis for these high-quality trend floors, which almost make you forget their origin with attractive stone or wood decors. For the floors produced under fair working conditions, no tree is actually cut down. The bark is peeled only then some years again. Thus, nature and habitat of many species are largely preserved. You may be interested in the fact that the floors bind more CO2 than is produced during their manufacture. Be inspired by the possible variants and discover a responsible floor with a future for your chic living and business spaces.

Individual look with sustainable cork comfort!

You are not sure whether organic cork floors meet your design and quality requirements? A wide variety of material decors are applied to the cork veneer using high-resolution digital printing. This creates an amazingly authentic look that is visually indistinguishable from concrete, stone, tile or wood. The high durability and uncomplicated care of these floors in service class 23/33 are outstanding: the scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent protective layer preserves the print on the natural cork veneer against signs of use and abrasion. The climate-friendly floor coverings actually meet the highest demands in terms of design, living comfort and durability. For sure, a sustainable floor will fit perfectly into your rooms! Just click through the variety of climate-friendly options.

Skaben Bioboden Pro Climate Glue 80 - Something more than a design floor for gluing

Apart iridescent anthracite, striking concrete gray, sand, carbon or raven black? The design palette of purist, natural and extravagant floor variants in this floor series is both diverse and manageable. You will find a particularly harmonious addition for every style. Whether you are looking for robust and joint-friendly floors for your elegant store, the motivation-promoting office floor or the hotel corridor, the high-quality cork floors for gluing are a good alternative. Be sure to order your personal sample for testing. This will give you the assurance that the quality, feel and look of your floor will be just right later on!

What are the advantages of Skaben Pro Climate glue down floors?

Sustainable and climate-friendly floor coverings are in vogue. The fact that these organic floors made of cork are particularly good for the environment is no coincidence. It's because they are made exclusively from renewable resources. The individually printed cork veneer under the scratch-resistant and PVC-free protective layer is strong against abrasion and signs of use of all kinds. The adhesive tiles or panels of use class 23/33 can be glued to underfloor heating systems. If you need assistance with this, we will be happy to put you in touch with an experienced craftsman in your area. Simply ask for a quote! This guarantees that the high-quality floors with a lifetime warranty in the living area will indeed accompany you for a lifetime in full beauty. Do you have any questions about Skaben's Pro Climate Glue organic floors? Our flooring experts will give you friendly and professional advice!

Climate-friendly floors for every living situation

The future of our planet and the fight against climate change is important to you in your everyday life? Do you separate waste, exchange your car more and more often for your bicycle and pay attention to waste avoidance and organic products in your diet? You can also do a lot for a better climate in your living and working environment! With a resource-saving manufactured organic floor made of cork you do a lot for the environment and your personal well-being. The highly compressed cork layer of quality floors improves room acoustics, saves heating energy and is easy on the joints! For people who like to move, children, seniors and all those who do not see style, comfort and sustainability as a contradiction, Skaben climate floors are a real godsend!

Skaben Pro Climate Glue: robust adhesive bio-floors for large surfaces

Get to know the different decors of the Pro Climate Glue series! On large, high-traffic areas, it is often recommended to firmly glue down a durable and timeless floor covering. While the click versions are easy to remove when moving house and can be installed quickly and cleanly by amateur DIYers, gluing is advantageous in commercial or particularly intensively used rooms. For less experienced floor layers, we recommend professional assistance from a suitable craftsman. If you are not quite sure whether the Skaben Pro Climate Glue or the Pro Climate Click version of your favorite decor is better for your room situation, we will be happy to help. Just give us a call!

Skaben Pro Climate Glue: Important advantages at a glance:

  • warm and comfortable underfoot
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • quiet and impact sound absorbing
  • elastic and easy on the joints
  • durable and hard-wearing
  • sustainable and climate-friendly