HARO parkettmanufaktur 4000

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Haro Parkettmanufaktur 4000 has impressive properties

A parquet floor in the form of country house floorboards makes every room a very special room. This can be seen very clearly in the country house floorboards from Haro Parquet Manufacture. The planks are offered in oak and ash. The different types of wood are also available in different colours. Therefore this flooring is available in the form of country house floorboards for every personal taste. In addition, the designs of this floor match different styles of furnishing. Sometimes the floor covering serves as a special highlight of the interior. In other cases it complements the furnishing style, creating a perfect completion.

Construction of the country house floorboards from the parquet manufactory

The high stability of these cottage floorboards is achieved by the middle layer of support. It consists of spruce wood sticks. The construction of the carrier layer gives the boards a high degree of stability on the one hand and a certain flexibility on the other. In addition, it prevents excessive expansion at particularly high humidity.

The backing on the underside of the plank is made of high-quality softwood. This gives the floor a certain elasticity. This characteristic is clearly noticeable when walking on the floor. When walking on this floor covering, it feels comfortable and is easy on the joints. In addition to the joints in the feet and legs, the spine is also spared.

The actual wear layer is then located on the upper side of the plank. This consists of a precious wood. It has a thickness of 3.5 millimetres. It is therefore very robust and low-wear. Thanks to this well thought-out construction of the country house floorboards from the Haro Parquet Manufacture, they achieve a long durability with a minimum of maintenance.

Special surface sealing

As this special floor covering is real wood, the surface must be sealed in an appropriate manner. This prevents the planks from drying out in the heat. At the same time, however, the penetration of moisture into the wood pores is also prevented.

The wood surface is sealed with Oleovera. This is a natural oil, which is obtained from renewable raw materials. Therefore this oil does not cause any damage to health. It is odourless, so that even pets will not be put off by Haro Parquet Manufacture 4000.

Equipped with TopConnect

TopConnect is a tongue and groove system. This makes the laying of the flooring much easier. The planks are simply pushed together at the sides. Afterwards, they only need to be pressed strongly downwards at the front side. A firm connection is already formed, which can be released again if necessary. Since the planks do not have to be fixed to the subfloor, even untrained laymen can lay this floor covering themselves.

Advantages of Haro Parquet 4000 wideplank
  • Cottage floorboards with a strong wear layer of precious wood
  • Impressive surface sealing
  • Does not develop unpleasant odours
  • Simple laying technique also suitable for laymen
  • Long service life