Meister Linoleum Floor

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MEISTER linoleum flooring is the floor covering for everyone who is looking for a hard-wearing, easy-care floor covering that is both natural and decorative.

Linoleum is a purely natural product. It consists of natural resin, linseed oil, limestone and wood flour and impresses with an excellent environmental balance.
Like all of the manufacturer's floor coverings, linoleum flooring also has the "Blue Angel" environmental certificate, one of the most demanding environmental labels.

All coverings also bear the Eco-Institut label. This eco-label is awarded to particularly low-emission and low-pollution products.

This floor covering from Meister is manufactured entirely in Germany, from the raw material to the finished product


Linoleum, the floor covering for heavy duty use

It is used in living rooms as well as in offices, waiting rooms and business premises. The linoleum flooring from MEISTER can be perfectly combined with the current living trend Factory Style. The charm of old factory buildings mixed with a large portion of cosiness describes this trend.

"Flooring made of linoleum is ideal for corridors, kitchens, offices, public areas, bedrooms and children's rooms".

The composition of natural raw materials, antibacterial properties, durability and excellent care properties make MEISTER Linoleum an all-rounder. The high flexibility and sound insulation contribute to pleasant room acoustics and a comfortable climate

Summing up the advantages of linoleum and its positive properties:

  • From renewable raw materials
  • antibacterial surface
  • Durability
  • excellent maintenance properties
  • Sound insulation thanks to individual elements
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty
  • elastic flooring
Linoleum, the easy-care floor covering

1.The linoleum floor from MEISTER is extremely easy to clean.
It has a Topshield surface protection, which makes the flooring insensitive to stains and dirt. Whereas in the past it was necessary to wax the flooring, today the flooring can simply be wiped with a damp cloth due to the surface protection and this without a higher price. 2.

allergy sufferers

in particular

benefit from the easy-care features

3.At Parquetkaiser you can buy special care products for linoleum. MEISTER linoleum floor coverings are robust and withstand heavy wear and tear. Even the load of chair castors does not affect the flooring.

4.The Topshield surface coating guarantees permanent colour fastness.

5.The patented click system Masterclick Plus enables the laying in a short time. You need neither glue nor screws. Klick Linoleum is laid floating and is also suitable for rooms with underfloor heating.

6.When you order your linoleum flooring from Parquetkaiser, you can choose from a range of modern colours and decors. Warm shades of grey make Linoleum Puro a combination partner for current urban style interior design

7.The warm grey or anthracite coloured Linoleum Puro has an elegant appearance and fits perfectly with modern furniture in black and white.