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Wicanders cork flooring: Quality from the cork professional!

If you are looking for a comfortable cork floor, sooner or later you will come across the Wicanders brand with the striking bull in the logo. The manufacturer from Delmenhorst is very familiar with the natural material from the cork oak. Wicanders uses the outstanding properties of the renewable raw material for clever floor coverings for a wide range of applications. Are you looking for a soft, non-slip and comfortable floor for bedrooms and children's rooms? Office and conference rooms should be noise-optimised? Do you also want to enjoy the warmth of the sustainable raw material in the bathroom, which is gentle on the feet and joints? With cork floors from Wicanders you will find the pleasant feel-good floor in all its diversity. Click through the different series and ask our experts which Wicanders cork floor is best suited to your room situation. We will be pleased to send you your personal free sample for "trial living"!

Comfortable cork floors for every demand!

We all combine cork with softness, warmth and elasticity. Millions of air-filled cells combine to form a fascinating honeycomb structure. Wicanders uses this natural air cushion for comfort floors of all kinds. These are cork floors where you can see the beauty of the raw material at first glance. But Wicanders also has real camouflage artists in its programme. They look like wooden planks, but feel like cork. You will find inexpensive cork tiles for the quick renovation of hobby rooms and guest rooms as well as high-tech cork floors in designer quality for the highest demands. Waterproof Wicanders cork floors with a lifetime guarantee in the living area are real friends for life. If you are looking for a comfortable floor for your temporary apartment, a lower service class may be sufficient. When choosing your cork floor, you should always consider the service class as well as the appearance. The more intensively you, your family or your employees use the floor in everyday life, the higher the service class should be. If you have any questions or doubts, we will be happy to help you!

Individual comfort artists with shock absorber effect!

Cork floors from Wicanders are always warmer and quieter than many alternative floors. The variety of designs and qualities does not make the choice easy! If you are looking for a sound-absorbing floor with a pleasant feel and great walking comfort, you will find a wide range of attractive options. What is always exciting are the elastic properties of high-quality cork floors. Glasses that shatter into 1000 shards on stone or wooden floors remain intact as if by magic when falling onto the cork floor. In the kitchen and dining room, cork floors from Wicanders therefore score points not only visually. The easy-care comfort floors are also suitable for daycare centres and children's rooms! Falling off a chair or swing is far less painful when cork is used. The clever floor covering is even effective against children's tears!

Even more reasons for cork floors from Wicanders

You're not sure yet? The natural cork look reminds you too much of the pinboard from your teenage bedroom? We understand that! Cork floors from Wicanders do not always show their material. Combine your favourite style with the comfort quality of Wicanders cork floors. Click through the Corc and Wood collections and marvel at the variety of classic, modern and avant-garde decors. Your Parkettkaiser team will be happy to assist you in pre-selection and decision-making!

Soft comfort floors for more casualness and joie de vivre!

The cork specialist Wicanders attaches great importance to living quality, sustainability and a healthy indoor climate. That is why all products have top marks in terms of quality, environmental protection and freedom from pollutants. That gives you an additional good feeling!

Some advantages at a glance

  • a lot of living comfort
  • good room acoustics
  • easy to install

A Wicander cork floor can do exactly what you expect it to do. So make it clear in advance how long and where you want to enjoy your new companion. This will tell you which cork floor variant of Wicanders

suits your life! We will be happy to advise you!