Wineo Purline organic floor 1000 Multilayer to click

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Sustainability and naturalness for a home to feel good

Wineo PURLINE organic flooring stands for the good feeling of having chosen sustainability in your own home. Because the floors of the PURLINE series are mainly made of renewable raw materials. Innovative is the use of "ecuran", a composite of, among other things, chalk, rape and castor oil. Pure sustainability for your home, free of solvents and plasticizers.

A floor covering for everyone, for life

The clickable version is particularly easy to install and therefore also suitable for do-it-yourselfers and DIY enthusiasts. Laying is quick and easy thanks to the well thought-out Connect locking technology. Substrates do not have to be extensively pre-treated first. The finished floor is immediately accessible. Embarrass, move in and feel good!

And if you do want to change your home, you can simply take the Wineo PURLINE Organic Floor 1000 Multilayer with you It is just as easy to install as it is to dismantle.

A floor covering for life. This is also ensured by the durability of the material. PURLINE organic floors can take a lot and are extremely resistant to mechanical stress. Running around and furniture backs do not matter at all to these floors! They can be easily cleaned with little effort and are also robust against chemical cleaning agents.

Comfort and flexibility for all rooms

The PURLINE Organic Floor 1000 Multilayer version has an integrated insulation mat (Sound-Protect Eco) for an 
Trittschallreduzierung up to 15 dB. A safe and comfortable home is also ensured by the tested anti-slip properties of the floor and the elastic surface which is easy on the joints.

The material also scores points for its suitability for damp areas. Nowhere do they have to do without PURLINE organic flooring and can also install it in the kitchen and bathroom without hesitation!

With the Wineo PURLINE Organic Floor 1000 Multilayer to click you can bring a piece of nature into your home without having to do without the variety of vinyl floors. The floor coverings of the PURLINE series come in different looks. No matter whether you choose a stylish and homely wood look or a modern stone look - you create a home that matches your style of living.

Advantages at a glance:
  • Naturalness and sustainability through renewable raw materials
  • Free of solvents, chlorine and plasticizers for ecological and safe living
  • Hard wearing, durable and robust
  • Conservation of resources due to low cleaning effort
  • Clickable version for maximum flexibility and ease of installation
  • Low noise, easy on the joints and non-slip
  • Suitable for all living rooms and damp locations

Wineo PURLINE Organic floor 1000 Multilayer to click means cosiness, comfort and sustainability in one. For a good feeling of well-being for a lifetime.