Wineo Purline organic floor

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Sustainable and stylish living and working

Wineo PURLINE organic flooring - that means sustainable living and working without having to sacrifice style and modernity.

The floors of the PURLINE series are an innovation: Thanks to the "ecuran" material used as the basis, the polyurethane floors consist mainly of renewable raw materials and natural fillers. Rapeseed and castor oil as well as mineral chalk as components form the building blocks for a natural and high-performance material. And all this "Made in Germany". Of course the floors are also free of chlorine, plasticizers and solvents. For a good feeling of sustainability at home or at work.

Organic soils for everyone through pure diversity

No matter whether it is to be clicked or glued, whether a wood or stone look is desired, whether for private or commercial use - the Wineo PURLINE organic floor is there for everyone! With a maximum of variety and flexibility, no one nowadays has to do without sustainability.

And that's a good thing. Because when you decide on a PURLINE organic floor, you receive the manufacturer's quality promise for sustainable floor coverings at the same time. Certifications and seals of independent institutes speak a clear language and attest the organic soils an outstanding quality.

Wineo PURLINE 1500 for use in the contract sector is the all-rounder among organic floors. Due to its harmlessness to health during installation and use, it is even ideally suited for sensitive areas in the care and health sector. This floor also withstands the maximum load in retail trade or at trade fairs. And still cuts a good figure visually at any time through elegant and modern designs!

The Wineo PURLINE 1000 series is tailor-made for your private home, creates cosy living dreams and scores points thanks to its easy installation. Embarrass, move in and feel good!

Excellent quality - for a lifetime

With a PURLINE organic floor, you can make a decision for life if you like. These floors can handle just about anything. Frolicking around, playing, heavy pieces of furniture - no problem!

And not only that: an independent analysis of the service life and follow-up costs has shown that these floors are ahead in all points. Due to their resistance to chemical cleaning agents and the generally low maintenance requirements, in the long term they are more resource-saving and cheaper than comparable floor coverings.

Advantages at a glance:
  • Naturalness and sustainability through renewable raw materials
  • Suitable for highest load capacity and stress
  • Use for private or commercial applications with a wide range of design options
  • Maximum flexibility: Optional for gluing or clicking or on a roll and as a plank / tile
  • Easy to maintain and resource-saving
  • Low noise, easy on the joints and non-slip

Wineo PURLINE organic flooring means a decision for sustainability in private and public spaces - stylish and natural.