Wineo Purline Organic Flooring 1500 Roll


Wineo Purline Organic Floor 1500 Roll - The ecologically sound ground cover

Are you looking for a visually and haptically appealing floor made of natural and low-pollutant materials? Then you have come to the right place with the Wineo Purline Organic Soil 1500! In a decor variety that is second to none, Wineo now offers a floor covering that looks great, makes a good impression and does everything for the well-being of the residents. The Wineo Purline Organic Floor 1500 scores points not only because of its pleasant characteristics. Its innovative material properties protect your health through evaporation-free materials with high durability.

Ecuran for your living in partnership with nature

The Wineo Purline Organic Floor 1500 is being seen more and more frequently, not only in your own home, but also in commercial premises that are subject to particularly heavy use, and quite rightly so: both as an advertisement for good taste and as an ecologically innovative product, this organic floor is the best thing that Wineo has newly developed. The high-quality materials are used to create the high-quality polyurethane floor covering. Based on the novel composite material ecuran, which is almost entirely composed of renewable raw materials and natural fillers such as rapeseed and castor oil and chalk, a clean floor covering is created. In fact, this means that the usual additives of chlorine, solvents and plasticizers are no longer used here. The high quality of the materials ensures that ecological progress is in no way at the expense of design or even durability. The Wineo Purline Organic Floor 1500 Rolle is especially designed for larger rooms, in order to provide them with an attractive floor at little expense. Nevertheless, combinations of different designs for accentuation are no problem.

The most important advantages in a nutshell
  • High load capacity: Various tests show that hundreds of movements with the office chair leave no impression at all. This organic soil even makes 25,000 crossings with a weight of 500 kg.
  • Special temperature safety: Even extreme temperature fluctuations do not affect the stability.
  • Highest UV resistance: With a light fastness of 7, Wineo Purline Organic Floor 1500 in accordance with EN ISO 105 - B02 is excellently positioned in this area.
  • Odourless: No unpleasant or harmful odours are produced either during installation or in everyday use. This is certified by TÜV Proficert.
  • Maximum economy: With extremely low life cycle costs and up to 30% savings in resources and cleaning, Wineo Purline organic soil is one of the most economical soils of its kind.