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HARO Cork flooring CORKETT Tigra Nature Classic
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Cork flooring – a piece of nature at your homeCork flooring is the ideal choice for many customers though earlier it was on offer as something exotic. Cork is 100% natural raw material which is also sustainable and healthy. It is made of cork oak bark, so the tree is not hurt by obtaining this material. Cork oak tree reaches maturity in about 25 years, its bark is harvested by hand. Cork is the choice №1 for conservation of natural resources and environmental protection. You must not forget about the individual look. Almost any design can be realized with help of the innovative printing technology. Cork flooring also has many other positive properties, such as perfect sound insulation and an outstanding comfort underfoot. Furthermore, cork is extremely warm to the touch and creates a pleasant feeling, which is obtained due to elasticity of the flooring relaxing the joints. The natural thermal insulation of cork creates an optimal room climate and saves your energy. Cork is suitable for use with underfloor heating. Due to the additional sealing surface cork is easy to clean and is protected against dirt and dust. All positive features, such as excellent quality and high quality processing, make cork a life-long companion in every household.

Cork flooring is available in different variants. They are broken down into cork tiles, prefinished cork flooring and cork mosaic flooring. Сork granulate is the basis of cork tiles and prefinished cork flooring, which is mixed and then pressed by using of different methods with help of binder (polyurethane resins, phenolic resins). A short aeration time during production process with polyurethane resin provides a healthy and safe final product. One layer pressed cork plates of cork tiles are glued down to the subfloor. The prefinished cork flooring consists of several layers. Cork layer is a topsheet and HDF or MDF is a middle layer. For effortless floating installation these panels have a special click connection, so they should not have to be glued to the subfloor. Cork mosaic does not consist of injection-molded granules, but of massive pieces of cork. Prefabricated on a carrier plate it is then fully adhered to the subfloor. It makes the cork mosaic to an ideal choice for wet rooms and outdoor areas.

Cork flooring is simple to install just like laminate or vinyl flooring. Cork can be laid by floating, as well as by gluing of its full underlayer. The individual plates can be fixed together with help of special click-connections. There are no limits of surface design. The classic-natural look of the cork is not the only possible look anymore. Due to innovative printing technology cork flooring can be designed individually. Natural wood look or different colors, you find something for your taste.

In our manufacturer portfolio are the most popular cork flooring suppliers such as Wicanders, Haro, Egger, Meister to find. Difficulties in choice of right design? Not a problem! In Parkettkaiser you can always order flooring samples free of charge and without any obligations!