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Laminate floors are high-quality floors that are usually not exactly cheap to buy. Anyone who wants to save money on floors when building a new house or renovating their home or apartment should regularly visit Parquetkaiser in the category Remaining Stock.

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Skaben Laminat Lofty 6 Ticino Walnut 3-strip
Only 2.921 m² in stock!
Skaben Laminate Lofty 7 Oak Fiorano 1-plank wide plank
Only 459.068 m² in stock!
Meister Laminat LC 200 Esche 6175 3-Stab
Only 16.03 in stock!
Skaben Laminate Flexi Plus Oak Arles 1-plank wideplank
Only 31.965 m² in stock!
Skaben laminate Flexi Plus Alta 1-plank wideplank
Only 2.131 m² in stock!
Parador Laminate Eco Balance Oak Natur Grey Full Plank
Only 2.742 m² in stock!
Wineo Laminat Wineo 300 Jalopy Feinstab
Only 10.04 m² in stock!
Tarkett Laminate Lamin'Art 832 White Buzz Allover
Only 6.03 m² in stock!