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Discover the wide variety of products regarding our high quality Wineo Vinyl flooring

In principle, Wineo is still a relatively young brand, which was created a few years ago through a merger of the then family-owned companies Windmöller and Witex. The adhesive vinyl from Wineo impresses with its authentic look in stone look as well as wood decor and also offers the highest quality standards in terms of vinyl floors. All decors are available for gluing, but also as click floor, which makes these floors especially special. Not only is the laying of the floors particularly pleasant thanks to the practical adhesive technology, but the look and feel of the individual vinyl plates also provide positive surprises. The vinyl floors of the Wineo brand have a very elastic surface, which means that the panels are always warm to the feet and therefore pleasant to walk on. Furthermore, the extensive design variety sets clear accents and the vinyl floors are in no way inferior to their natural stone models. The design and practical features of our products:

  • Wineo 400
  • Wineo 600
  • Wineo 800

which you can buy in our shop, reflect the unique innovative power of Wineo.

The nature of the unique Wineo Vinyl floors briefly explained

The range of vinyl floors from Wineo offers the right product for every character and taste - thanks to the divided series, you can also find your individual product quickly and easily. The wood-look vinyl floors have a wear layer of maximum 0.3 millimetres, our tile-look vinyl floors from Wineo have a wear layer of maximum 0.55 millimetres. The practical vinyl floors are made of synthetic fibres and additives that are refined in a special process to produce high-quality vinyl floors. Due to their nature, Wineo vinyl floors can also be easily glued to underfloor heating systems - the corresponding heat is transferred upwards with almost no loss.

The maintenance of Wineo vinyl floors is also child's play

Since Wineo Vinyl is suitable for use in damp areas, you can also use it in rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen and hallway. As far as cleaning is concerned, vinyl floors are very easy to maintain and do not require any special care treatment or maintenance cleaning. We only recommend weekly wiping with water or mild detergents - an extensive initial care is not necessary. These and many other advantages of Wineo vinyl floors have made them one of the most popular product lines in our online shop - so let us surprise you with our large selection!

The Wineo vinyl floor combines the advantages of a vinyl floor with the outstanding appearance of wood, stone or modern patterns. This floor covering is inexpensive and easy to maintain. It is produced not only in numerous designs, but also for different loads.

Wineo Vinyl is offered in three product lines - each for gluing and with click system:

  • Wineo 400 with the subcategories Wood, Wood XL and Stone
  • Wineo 600 with the subcategories Wood, Wood XL, Stone and Stone XL
  • Wineo 800 with the subcategories Wood, Wood XL, Stone XL, Tile (Tiles) and Craft (Fantasy patterns)

The diverse designs of the KLICK-ViNYL-FLOOR from WINEO

Modern printing and embossing techniques allow the reproduction of the structures of natural materials. The result is optically hardly distinguishable from the original. But the haptics are also reproduced. The different textures of stones are thus depicted as well as the knotholes and grains of the wood

The different designs are offered in light and dark versions. Light shades for the flooring make the room brighter. They fit in with most interior design styles. Beautiful effects can be achieved with dark furniture on a light vinyl floor

If you prefer a classic, elegant look, you can opt for a dark floor, which you can combine with light furniture. An example of light and dark variants is the oak decor. For the dark version, however, the room should be sufficiently large.

The KLICK-ViNYLBODEN from WINEO is health-promoting

  • Stone tiles are very practical for wet rooms and can, depending on the design, also look extremely elegant. Unfortunately they also have an extremely cold surface, which can be extremely unpleasant, at least in winter. The Wineo vinyl floor on the other hand is always nice and warm to the feet. You can easily combine this pleasant, health-promoting property with the elegant appearance of stone tiles. Wineo offers you directly several suitable decors.

  • The Wineo vinyl floor is also elastic. This way it is easy on the joints.
  • The surface sealing ensures that the vinyl floor is very easy to clean. This makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. But also families with children or pets appreciate this feature. With the vinyl floor you always have a hygienically perfect floor covering.

  • The Wineo vinyl floor is non-slip, which prevents domestic accidents.
  • A vinyl floor dampens the footfall noise. This not only saves their nerves, but also those of their neighbours.

Click vinyl laminate is used here

In the case of Wineo click vinyl floors, the collection numbers, e.g. Wineo 600, indicate the loads for which the flooring is intended and thus for which purposes. A higher number of collections means a greater possible burden

The areas of application and the possible degree of stress are also expressed by the service classes across manufacturers. The Wineo click vinyl floor is appreciated in private households as well as in offices, practices and commercial enterprises

Depending on the design, it can be installed over underfloor heating or in damp rooms.

What is meant by service classes?

Service classes indicate the areas of application for which a floor covering is suitable. This marking is independent of the respective manufacturer and thus allows a meaningful comparison of the different offers. A floor that can withstand more is usually more expensive than one that is designed for lower loads

Apart from the price, you can easily choose a floor covering that is designed for a higher load. But, please do not choose one that is intended for a lower load. It would wear out very quickly and would not reach the planned service life by far

In this case, the manufacturer's warranty would also be forfeited.

The service class, often abbreviated as NK, consists of two digits. The first digit indicates whether the floor covering is designed for residential, commercial or industrial use. Where: 2 = residential, 3 = commercial, 4 = industrial. The second digit indicates the strength of the possible stress

Here: 1 = low stress, 2 = normal stress, 3 = heavy stress. For the living area one usually chooses classes 22 or 23.

What is the advantage of gluing the Wineo vinyl?

The Wineo vinyl floor becomes absolutely waterproof thanks to the full-surface gluing. This is ideal in damp rooms and in the presence of splash water. Due to the gluing, no air can be trapped between the subfloor and the floor covering

This results in good footfall sound insulation. Since the walking noise is also reduced, a room with this floor has better room acoustics.

Important accessories for the Wineo click vinyl floor

At Parquetkaiser you can get not only the Wineo Klick vinyl floor, but also the matching accessories. The most important accessories are:

  • Financial statements
  • Transition Profiles
  • Compensation profiles
  • Underlays as moisture barrier
  • Underlays as acoustic insulation
  • Underlays for thermal insulation

You can create a pleasant transition between the floor covering and the wall with end strips.

Transition profiles are used to design the transition from one room to another. They are used if both rooms have floor coverings of the same height. If the height of these coverings varies, you will need a compensation profile.

You need a moisture barrier if you want to install the floor covering floating on a screed or over underfloor heating. The moisture barrier or vapour barrier ensures that no moisture can penetrate the floor covering from below. Underlays for acoustic and thermal insulation are only needed in exceptional cases with a Wineo vinyl floor.

A pattern is worth a thousand words

You find the idea of installing Wineo vinyl flooring interesting, but are not yet sure about the design? Then order a free sample of your favourite design. This allows you to see directly on site what the floor would look like.